Season of community
2020/2021 — Season 65
Based on The Serfs by Ivan Cankar

The Serfs

Directed by: Maja Kleczewska
V sodelovanju s Pionirskim domom
Première: October 2020
Tuesday / 27 Oct / 19:00 / Festivalna dvorana / Première / Canceled
Wednesday / 28 Oct / 19:00 / Festivalna dvorana / Canceled
Thursday / 29 Oct / 17:00 / Festivalna dvorana / Canceled
Friday / 30 Oct / 19:00 / Festivalna dvorana / Canceled
  • Set design: Zbigniew Libera
  • Costume design: Konrad Parol
  • Dramaturgy: Lukas Chotkowski, Goran Injac
  • Music: Cezary Duchnowski
  • Choreography: Dragana Alfirević
  • Language consultant: Mateja Dermelj
  • Stage manager: Liam Hlede

Director Maja Kleczewska, the winner of a number of prestigious theatre awards in Poland, is described as one of the most daring personalities of the contemporary Polish theatre. Critics point out her in-depth work with the actors, flirting with kitsch and the inspiration she takes from the pop culture, but primarily her extraordinarily personal interpretations of the classics. In this spirit, she will tackle Ivan Cankar’s The Serfs, one of the Slovenian canonical texts, which – as many believe – has best summarised the Slovenian national character. Or – as others are convinced – it has determined it like a self-fulfilling prophecy. A guest from abroad, whose first brush with the Slovenian classic this is, will undoubtedly read it in a fresh and unexpected way and open our eyes to new interpretations.