Season of community
2020/2021 — Season 65
In line with the motives of Petronius’s Satyricon

Trimalchio's Dinner

Directed by: Bojana Lazić
Première: March 2021

Trimalchio’s Dinner is the most notorious and the longest preserved part of the ancient novel Satyricon, said to be written by Titus (Gaius) Petronius, the arbiter elegantiarum at emperor Nero’s court. There, he undoubtedly had the chance to see loads of extravagant boasting with luxury and sassy spend-thrifting that he zestfully and ever so mockingly nuances in his Trimalchio’s Dinner. In fact, in the character of Trimalchio, a liberated slave who is most vulgar and lacks all manners in constantly flaunting his newly gained status of a rich man, Petronius is not only satirical towards social climbers and nouveau riches, but also to the emperor himself – an arrogant, psychopathic tyrant not exactly famous for staying in touch with reality. However, the people liked him, for he knew how to fulfil their wishes. You will have to pull the parallels with contemporary times by yourselves, as Bojana Lazić does not intend to hand them to you on a silver platter (although, platters might be abundant onstage). “For me personally, as a director, it is less important to bring forward a certain message, because then, I feel like I’m looking down on the viewers and in general all the possible ‘consumers’ of the performance. What I think is important is to provoke the audience. So I try to diminish providing answers in the sense you should do it this way or this is no good. Provocation is more important, be it thematic or aesthetic, as well as setting the questions that the viewers can ponder on,” she stated for the newspaper Nezavisne novine.