2023/2024 — Season 68

Slovenia Counts

Directed by: Sebastian Nübling and Jackie Poloni
Première: 6. 4. 2024
Saturday / 20 Apr / 19:30 / Upper hall / Buy ticket
Monday / 6 May / 19:30 / Upper hall
  • Dramaturgy: Goran Injac
  • Assistant dramaturg: Deja Crnović
  • Music: Jackie Poloni
  • Set design: Urša Vidic
  • Set designer assistant: Maruša Mali
  • Costume design: Slavica Janošević
  • Lighting design: Matjaž Brišar
  • Sound design: Sven Horvat
  • Asistentka na praksi: Ana Polegek
  • Stage manager: Urša Červ

Slovenia Counts is a devised project that puts Slovenia and the work needed to build, preserve and change it at its core. At the heart of the project is the machine created by all those who participate in the Slovenia project, all those who day after day contribute for it to exist. A machine fuelled by music beat and movement. There is nothing inherent in the concept of Slovenia, it is simply the daily repetition of the actions that the members of society have chosen to represent Slovenia. Each new act of Slovenia is the subject of power negotiations and battles that change the whole picture for a while, and it depends on the persistence of others whether this picture will change forever, or only for a short time. Slovenia Counts is a production that changes depending on the engagement of its participants. Slovenia is a society that changes (or does not change) depending on the engagement of its participants.