I, Artist. I, Citizen.
2018/2019 — Season 63
Anja Suša, Borut Šeparović, Agnieszka Jakimiak, Tom Silkeberg

The Republic

Directed by: Anja Suša
Based on The Republic by Plato
Première: June 2019


The Republic, Plato's most famous dialogue, is permeated by a deep distrust towards an existing governance: Athens is suffering from a deep crisis, and the trust in democracy is flawed. Seven citizens with different heritage meet at a dinner to talk about their experiences of the state and try to characterize the just city-state and the just man. Who is the state meant for? How should it look like? Is democracy the proper form of governance? And what happens to the idea of a parliamentary system when private interests rule the state? This is a performance addressing the problem of utopia, since utopian ideas inevitably only mirror a contemporary image of the future. Or more precise: the problem of imaging something else then the state from within the state. It is a performance that poses a question of what kind of deimaging images we need being the ones who are trying to hold open the door and escape Plato's Cave. The project gathers an international crew of artists from different theatrical backgrounds trying to open a dialogue about the contemporary European societies in relation to arts.