The Extraordinary Season
2021/2022 — Season 66
Devised theatre project as part of the program Mladinsko Youth

Masters of Their Own Destiny

Directed by: Ana Duša
Co-production: Slovensko mladinsko gledališče and KD Pripovedovalski Variete
Première: 21. & 22. 1. 2022
Sunday / 20 Feb / 19:00 / Lower hall / Première
Monday / 21 Feb / 18:00 / Lower hall / Première
Tuesday / 22 Feb / 18:00 / Lower hall
Thursday / 24 Feb / 19:00 / Lower hall / Closed
Saturday / 26 Feb / 17:00 / Lower hall
Sunday / 27 Feb / 11:00 / Upper hall
  • Rosa Romih
    Brina Balantič
  • Matic Eržen
    Nejc Balantič
  • Tia Krhlanko
    Sonja Balantič, mama
  • Luka Žerdin
    Andrej Balantič, oče
  • Indija Stropnik
    Maja Novak
  • Aja Markovič
    Tereza Novak, mama
  • Nace Korošec
    Stane Novak, ded
  • Jon Napotnik
    Lotos, izgubljena duša
  • Voranc Mandić
    Perun Jesih
  • Kaja Petrovič
    Ingrid Jesih
  • Aiko Zakrajšek
    Vesna Jesih
  • Jan Martinčič
    Kristjan Jesih
  • Mija Kramar
    Lucija Jesih, mama
  • Jure Šimonka
    Boštjan Jesih, oče
  • Leon Kokošar
    dr. Medved, terapevt
  • Iza Napotnik
    Ta jezna
  • Katka Slosar
    Ta spravljiva
  • Hana Kunšič
    Ta drzna
  • Ronja Martina Usenik
    Ta nežna
  • Mira Giovanna Gabriel
  • Podpornik
  • Podpornik
  • Podpornik
  • Text: Ana Duša ter mladinke in mladinci
  • Dramaturgy and photography: Gaja Naja Rojec
  • Music: Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar
  • Costume design: Maja Mirković
  • Costume design assistant: Slavica Janošević
  • Set design: Damir Leventić
  • Choreography: Primož Bezjak
  • Lighting design: Borut Bučinel
  • Sound design: Marijan Sajovic
  • Make-up artist: Vanja Djuran
  • Consultant: Mare Bulc
  • Stage manager: Sven Horvat

Avtorica razstave Družine: Gaja Naja Rojec
Portretirane družine: Božič, Djuran Janežič, Jelić, Lajovic, Šmalc, Sočan, Uhan in Trbovc Mihajlović


What do older generations expect from the rising ones? How well have they prepared them for the future? “Can I grow up first and then save the world?” How do generations, which grew up in times of growing distrust and breakdown of existing systems, view the world? How do they navigate the current society, when they were simultaneously taught to believe in radical individualism and universal tolerance? “We’re growing up in an age that has exposed injustice more than any period before. Don’t get me wrong, I think that’s great, but the fact is that the world expects us to be fairer than the generations before us.” What did younger people want for the future thirty years ago and what do they desire now? “I wish I could see you, that I could get some sort of confirmation, 30 years in advance, that you are waiting for me and that a good life awaits ahead. I wish that I had a specific life goal, but it is likely that a view of the future obliterates the meaning of life, which is, in fact, finding a path and following it.”

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In the season 2020/2021 we established direct contact with the generations below twenty: twenty creators, born between 2001 and 2006 and three members of the Mladinsko ensemble are exploring the relationships between generations at a time, which is changing extremely rapidly.