2019/2020 — Season 64
Photo by: Foto Sandi Fišer

The New Post Office

Co-production: Maska Ljubljana and Mladinsko Theatre
Première: sezona 2018/2019

For The New Post Office, a season-long project, we’re pooling forces with Maska Institute, which – like Mladinsko – is dedicated to the socially-engaged relationship between theatre and art. The New Post Office will be an experimental project: it won’t only be a research on the level of creation and artistic expression, it will also be an innovative production model. Throughout the season we will research the meaning of artistic work in the social context and work to understand the presence of art in wider social events. The participants will think, respond, create, intervene and establish a space for dialogue, meetings and confrontations. They will take artistic risks and try to go beyond the standardisation that grips the work principles in theatres and art in general and typically places finished artistic products into the predictable frames, which renders their social reach barely perceptible or non-existent.