The Extraordinary Season
2021/2022 — Season 66


Directed by: Žiga Divjak
Co-production: Mladinsko Theatre, steirischer herbst 21', Maska Ljubljana
Commissioned by: steirischer herbst ’21 and Mladinsko Theater
Première: 12. 10. 2021 (Mladinsko), 24. 9. 2021 (Graz)
Wednesday / 5 Jan / 20:00 / Upper hall / Buy ticket
Thursday / 6 Jan / 20:00 / Upper hall / Buy ticket
Friday / 7 Jan / 20:00 / Upper hall / Buy ticket
Saturday / 8 Jan / 20:00 / Upper hall / Buy ticket
Monday / 10 Jan / 20:00 / Upper hall / Buy ticket
Tuesday / 11 Jan / 20:00 / Upper hall / Buy ticket
  • Dramaturgy: Goran Injac
  • Set design: Igor Vasiljev
  • Costume design: Tina Pavlović
  • Music and sound: Blaž Gracar
  • Expert from the field: Andreas Malm
  • Research assistant: Maja Ava Žiberna
  • Lighting design: David Orešič
  • Livestream director: Vid Hajnšek
  • Translator into German: Martin Thomas Pesl
  • Translator of Slovenian and Bosnian parts into English: Barbara Skubic
  • Translator into Slovenian: Tina Malič
  • Language consultant (English): Aleksandra Žerjav
  • Language consultant (English): Mateja Dermelj
  • Stage manager: Gašper Tesner
  • Executive producer: Tina Dobnik

Text: Žiga Divjak and the cast
We have used some motives and fragments from the books Less is More: How Degrowth Will Save the World by Jason Hickel, How to Blow Up a Pipeline by Andreas Malm, Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson and The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming by David Wallace-Wells


In his first international co-production, Žiga Divjak will speak about the climate crisis in relation to the inextricably intertwined class issues and (neoliberal) capitalism. He will contemplate the idea of degrowth, the feeling of anger that comes over almost anyone that delves into environmental issues, and whether it is justifiable to resort to violence in order to put an end to this devastating spiral. He will also give thought to hope; one that is focused on a clear and still attainable goal and is not grounded in fairy-tales.

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S prijazno podporo Ministrstva za kulturo Republike Slovenije, Avstrijskega kulturnega foruma Ljubljana, Slovenskega kulturno-informacijskega centra v Avstriji SKICA in Mestne občine Ljubljana / With the kind support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic Slovenia, Austrian Cultural Forum Ljubljana, SKICA, and the Municipality of Ljubljana

Thanks to

Marjana Dermelj, Ana Lorger, Katarina Morano, Urša Regvar