Season of community
2020/2021 — Season 65
Vito Weis
The New Post Office

Bad Company

Co-production: The New Post Office (Mladinsko Theatre and Maska Ljubljana)
Première: November 2020

Vito Weis has described the starting points for his solo project as follows: Why am I on stage? Because I am entirely addicted to it. I confess. I am addicted to creating, to theatre, to the fictional world I can shape in line with my own desires. Because of theatre, I do not sleep and eat as I should, I start and finish my day with a cigarette, coffee is a substitute for water, and I always, each and every time, give it my best so that we can do all the shows, go through all the rehearsals, as many as three per day, if need be. My zealousness and vanity are borderline. In fact, my love for performing is beyond comparison. And that is what makes me good and simultaneously bad. Is a person that is good onstage good in life, as well? More and more, I tend to think not. I can say for myself that the better I am onstage, the worse I am in life and the better I understand humans. Perhaps, this is my sacrifice for humanity. And you need me, admit it to yourself. You need all the bad stuff to go through me, so you can project all your own shit and clutter on me. And you enjoy it, you attain catharsis and come home good. Actually, all the artists are ‘bad company’ you do not reject. Nobody will strive to divert you from it, no parents are going to stay up all night because of it. And then, there is the eternal issue of money. Am I worthy of the finances that the state has allocated for my project, or the wages I am receiving?”