2022/2023 — Season 67
Crises; photo by Matej Povše

Crises in English

14. 11. 2022

As Crises is an international co-production and was premiered abroad, we have prepared two versions from a get-go: Slovenian and English. On 7 January we will perform the English version, intended primarily for our foreign-language-speaking audience (or lovers of English language), which means that you won't have to read the surtitles (something that, admittedly, can be tiring), just to listen and immerse yourselves in the performance.

  • 7 January at 20:00
    The New Post Office
    Directed by: Žiga Divjak
    Based on  books Less is More by Jason Hickel and The Mushroom at the End of the World by Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing

If you would like to see a scheduled performance with English surtitles, contact our Main Box Office and let us know with one week's notice. If within our possibilities, we will organise them for you.