2023/2024 — Season 68
The New Post Office


SoToSpeak – a cycle of theatre essays was (all the epidemic complications and silencing notwithstanding) finally fully realised in the season 2021/2022. The term essay is used quite liberally in this context and denotes a text with a theoretical base and a clearly discernible literary dimension, ideally enriched with personal connotations. Such a text, always an original authorial text, was the starting point for a piece performed by the author him_herself.

If at the time when we were creating this cycle we did not know exactly where we were going, we now absolutely know where we are. SoToSpeak developed into an exceptionally interesting platform researching stage practices somewhere on the border between theatre, theory and literature. The responses from the audience and professional public were excellent. And it was a completely logical decision to continue the cycle. The season 2022/2033 will thus witness the second edition with new essayists, with new themes and new stage and philosophical experiences.

Essayists: PhD Gregor Moder, Marko Radmilovič, Mija Kramar, PhD Bojana Kunst and Draga Potočnjak
Curator: Boštjan Narat
Consultant: Jernej Potočan
Co-produced by The New Post Office (Mladinsko Theatre and Maska Ljubljana) and Moment Maribor