2022/2023 — Season 67
The New Post Office


A Cycle of Theatre Essays

Boštjan Narat will be curating a cycle of theatre essays at the New Post Office in co-production with Moment. The expert term essay is in this context used quite freely, denoting a text based on theory and a clearly accentuated literary dimension, if possible enriched by personal connotations. Such a text, always an original author’s creation, will serve as a starting point for a staging implemented by the essay writer him/herself. The first such essay was prepared by Boštjan Narat himself within the framework of the Days of Slovenian Nationalism at the New Post Office venue, however this time, he has invited other authors to collaborate, as well – namely those who are capable of creating a good text and then perform it, with all the due embarrassments and limitations this might bring along. According to Narat, “the point is precisely in us listening to the author and watching him/her performing his/her text. Even singers-songwriters are not necessarily the best interprets of their own songs, and yet, we wish to listen to them, in particular”.