2023/2024 — Season 68
Photo by: Peng!
The New Post Office


Peng! is an explosive concoction of activism, hacking and art battling the barbarism of our time. Peng! is the antagonist of corporate PR agencies. They expose dirty businesses that hide beneath glossy advertisement. They challenge corporate identities, political propaganda and mainstream mindsets with subversive direct action and civil disobedience. They explore creative ways of bold protest and encourage civil society and established NGOs to extend their toolset of conventional campaigning. They use weapons of mass disruption to deliver radical messages.

Presentation of Peng! actions
Monday, June 14th at 8PM, at The New Post Office
In English
Free of charge

Workshop with Peng!
Tuesday, June 15th till Friday, June 18th from 10AM till 6PM with breaks, at The New Post Office
In English
Free of charge

Please apply with a short cv to: